The Somali Depository & Settlement Corporation (SDSC) is a limited liability Company approved by the Central Bank of Somalia to provide both manual and automated clearing, delivery and settlement facilities in respect of transactions carried out at Somali Stock Exchange as well as holding of listed and non-listed securities including other documents of title on behalf of investors.

The day to day responsibilities  of the SDSC is to establish and operate a central depository system and provide central clearing, settlement and depository services for securities initially in Somalia in respect to securities listed on the Somali Stock Exchange. The central depository system provides a centralised system for the transfer and registration of securities in electronic format without the necessity of physical certificates.

Clearing & Settlement Services

The SDSC s’ clearing and settlement process facilitates delivery versus payment of securities..

Issuer Services

Any institution that issues financial securities is known as ‘Issuer’ by the SDSC. Securities admitted to the CSDR are electronically

Depository Services

Security deposit is the conversion of physical security certificates into an electronic form / balances in the SDSC systems,

Investor Services

SDSC provides monthly statements of accounts to all holders of active securities accounts.